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Building on success

Everyone wants to be the owner of a brand such as Apple, Virgin, Chanel, L’Oreal or Tesla. Nobody wants to be associated with a failing brand. Those lofty ambitions of being the best in the business of whatever it is you do and be regarded by millions the world over for being the individual that made it happen. That’s all great.

But how do you get there?

It’s like training for a major sporting event. For some that may be a top-flight athletic meeting. For others, a Charity runs or swim – but you know how important it is to get in shape. You set goals, training programs that help you to be the best version of yourself when the time calls for it. But it is hard. There are rainy days, cold mornings, late training sessions, repetitive, often tedious routines and distractions that bombard you from all directions.

If you can avoid the distractions, and make the training part of your routine and you stay committed to what you have agreed to do then each step toward the event is a step on the pathway to greater success.

As you stand facing the start line knowing that you have trained – you know that you have done all that you can, and given yourself every chance of doing well. And if you win – You are Building On success. The success that you have laid as a foundation and a great result merely the icing on the cake.

Top Tips

  • Know your why
  • Make a plan
  • Stay focussed
  • Make an impact
  • Avoid excuses
  • Be accountable
  • Consult your plan
  • Actualise – take action
  • Deliver your promise