Point of Sale and Signage

Signs keep us clued up on the motorways, help us navigate supermarket aisles,
get us through airports, find our favourite coffee bars, bars, eateries and so on.

Point of Sale Point of sale leads your potential customer to you. It’s more intimate than signage
in that it can include a whole host of visually stimulating ideas to add value.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale brings you and your customers face to face and should communicate in the absence of anyone to “sell” a compelling version of your brand and the reason to engage further with you.

Great Points of sale can deliver emotional triggers in ways that lead to product adoption. These may be non-verbal messaging but instead interactive, tactile and enticing communicating beyond words – experiential.

Where we apply it

  • Window displays
  • Product Plinths
  • Hanging boarded
  • Posters
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Product Placement


Signage is not simply placing a logo on a board or panel of glass – great signage is crafted so that information is legible, directions are clear and that background noise is reduced to a mere whisper. Great signage does not happen by accident.

We look at location and consider position and possible distractions whether indoors in a clinic, a retail environment, or outside on a building site, train station, an office or city way-finders. Your signage reminds potential customers “we care and we are here to help you”.

Unlike Points of Sale Signage can lead us to the point of sale and can also be present where there is no intention to sell at all – hospital signage is a perfect example.

Where we apply it

  • Retail exterior
  • Interior display
  • Livery
  • Posters
  • Way finders
  • Commercial property
  • Hoarding
  • In-store